Memoir of the Living Impaired (Part I)


I’m trying something new with my online story for this month. Last year I had this idea for a short story about a recently-deceased father who shuns the afterlife to take care of his family…and comes to regret the decision. A writing prompt I stumbled upon read “Write about your greatest fear.” The worst thing I could think of was having my children be in danger and being helpless to do anything about it. That’s how Memoir of the Living Impaired was born. It was going to be super sad but contain some dark comedy to balance it out. So I started writing it not quite sure how it was going to turn out.

Well, it turned out pretty good but there was a problem. My short story was really, really long. Like, really long. Like 12,000 words long. After edits, I got it down to 9000 words but that was as far as I could go while maintaining the emotional impact of the story. Needless to say, it was nearly impossible to find a venue willing to publish a story that long and it wasn’t long enough to turn into a novel.

So I decided to keep the story for myself and print it on my website in three parts. The first part is available now and then the next section will appear in May and the finale in June.

If you want to have the feels, check it out! Just follow the link below and come back in May for Part II.

Memoir of the Living Impaired (Part I)


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on April 12, 2017.

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