America Undressed

We’ve seen America undressed over the past year…and it was not pretty.

The ugliest, nastiest, most sensationalized presidential election in the history of American politics finally comes to a close tonight. As I speak, final tallies are coming in from across the nation. I rarely write politic posts on this blog, but I wanted to write about the Hillary/Trump election before the results were official, mainly because I want it to be clear that the winner is irrelevant. I know most people won’t agree with that sentiment, but it’s true. The winner will be a different shade of bad than the other. Nothing more.

Even more important than the eventual winner is what we, as a nation, have lost over the past few months and I fear we’ve surrendered ideals that can never be reclaimed. It’s not all that different from 9/11. We were never the same after that day in 2001. We won’t be the same when the dust settles and all the stupid signs are pulled up out of people’s front lawns and the ads with the terrifying music finally fade into the abyss.

Here’s what we’ve learned from this election:

  • America’s celebrity worship is out of control. We can no longer tell the difference between entertainment and serious matters. They are one in the same. Celebrities are the new American gods.
  • The two major political parties openly manipulate the primary system and silence the voice of American voters…and absolutely nothing is done about it. We truly are powerless to stop The Machine when their treachery is laid out before us and they suffer zero consequences.
  • American morality is dead. The things that Clinton and Trump did and said should have disqualified them from living in any civilized community, not to mention run for President of the United States. In particular, the things Trump said during the election should have prevented any decent human being from supporting him, but his hate-filled rhetoric only seemed to empower his voting base. I can’t think of a more flagrant dismissal of morals since President Bill Clinton lied under oath, sexually assaulted women, and not only suffered zero real consequences but actually increased his popularity¬† throughout the country.
  • The Media’s bias is no longer conjecture. They actively engage in misinformation and misdirection to manipulate the public. They no longer report the news, they decide what the news is going to be. Truly terrifying…
  • Our choice is illusion. When you’re given a choice between a bullet or a blade, there is no choice.

Maybe this is too pessimistic, but I think it’s justified. The majority of people I speak to about politics feel an overwhelming sense of despair about the whole thing. When this election is over, Talking Heads will try to put a positive spin on things and talk about Americans coming together to blah blah blah (as they always do), but things will be different this time. I’m not sure you can piece America back together after it’s been drawn-and-quartered.

There are some things that can’t be unseen.

There are some things that can’t be unheard.

Some scars never heal.

If anything, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on, Democrats, Republicans, and everything in between: Things need to change.


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on November 8, 2016.

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