Snow Day in Flash Fiction Magazine

My flash piece, Snow Day, was the featured story today on Flash Fiction Magazine’s website. You can read it Here.

Probably the most frequent question non-writers ask me about my work is “How do you come up with your ideas?” It’s probably the least interesting question someone can ask a writer. Usually my answer is, My brain came up with it and then I wrote it down. I get that some people don’t have very vivid imaginations (I blame television and video games and stupid toys that make sound and move and do everything for you), but I think of weird stuff pretty often and if I think it’ll make a good story I write the story down. That’s pretty much it.

This story was different, though. This story premise came to me, and I knew immediately it would make a great story. I think a good writer has to have that sixth sense that sends up alarms when he/she hears a news story or an anecdote that would make a great story. The premise came to me during an English department meeting last school year. Another instructor had just finished working on personal narratives with her students and she came in with a story about one of her students writing about dragging snow inside the house so he could sled down the stairs.

The adult in me was horrified. I thought about the soggy carpets and muddy boots and the mess. Then the child in me shouted about how great an idea it was because then you could sled without having to be out in the cold. Boom! The contrast between how a child views a snow day vs. how an adult views one. Perfect story premise.

And that’s how Snow Day was born.

I guess the irony is that since I’m a teacher I still look forward to snow days as much as any kid. Almost as much as I look forward to SUMMER VACAAAAAAAATIOOOOOOOOON!

It’s important to hang on to some of that kid stuff. Try not to grow up too fast out there, people. Oh, and read Snow Day and comment about how awesome it is. That is all.


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on July 29, 2016.

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