Five Years!



That’s right. That’s multiple exclamation points ending in a 1 so you know it’s serious. Some how…some way…I made it. Five years. I have now written every single day for five years. It didn’t sound that impressive at four years. Five years sounds impressive. That’s, like, half a decade. Not bad.

This was definitely the toughest year since the first one. My daughter was born in January of this year, and my wife and I already have a two-year-old son named Owen. Listen, having a kid is tough, but on the hierarchy of being a parent, it’s hanging off the bottom rung. People with multiple children LAUGH at couples who only have a single kid and claim to be busy or frustrated or out of their mind. Hell, you’ve still got the two-on-one advantage with a single kid so how bad can it be?

Two kids is a whole different story. It’s, like, TWICE as many. It’s the reason I want a vasectomy…like RIGHT NOW! It’s chaos because it’s two different kinds of chaos at the same time. It’s “two-year-old running around screaming BLAH BLEH BLAH DUH! for 45 minutes straight while the Frozen soundtrack plays on an endless loop in the background” chaos running simultaneously with “crying for no reason for 45 minutes straight while disgusting liquids drip out of every orifice she has and I just used the last diaper” chaos. It’s crazy, man, it’s crazy. None of that is conducive to sitting down in front of a laptop for any significant amount of time and producing quality literature.

There was a bigger obstacle in reaching the five-year mark, though. The real problem was that for most of the year, I just wasn’t that motivated to write. Last year there were some opportunities that didn’t pan out and then I struggled to stay motivated. I’ve stopped sending out work entirely. I haven’t sent a single piece out in 2015, and it would be easy to blame that on a newborn, but the truth is I just didn’t want to.  There were even some close calls several days when it was doubtful if I’d get my hour in. It’s just so easy NOT to write. There are so many things I’d rather do instead. Watch a movie. Read a book. Sleep. Anything but write. But I still made myself do it. Every…single…freakin’ day. I managed to finish the first draft of my latest novel in less than nine months thanks to my turtle vs. the hare strategy. More importantly, though, me reaching the five-year mark signifies that I haven’t given up quite yet.

So now that I’ve made it to five years, I’ve decided my long-term goal is to reach 10,000 writing hours. The “10,000 hours rule” states that in order to master a skill, you have to do it for over 10,000 hours. I figure, why not? I’m at 4900 hours right now so I’m nearly halfway already. The easiest way to get there is to write every single day. So that’s what I’ll do. And eventually the world will get tired of telling me no. I will persevere.

Six years, I’m coming for you, baby!


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on June 8, 2015.

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