You sold out! You sold out!

I’m a man of principle…maybe the last man of principle left in this godless world. My work is my religion. Every great work of literature that passes through me is my Bible.

But my faith has its limits…

I’ve always been a supporter of brick and mortar books. There’s nothing better than breaking the pages on a new book and getting hit with a whiff of what can only be described as “new book.” Every lover of books knows that smell. I love looking at my bookshelf and scanning through the titles, remembering the adventures I’ve been on. Certain books take me back to different stages of my life when an author told me something I needed to hear at the time.

When e-books started gaining traction in the industry, I rejected them with all my heart. They weren’t real books. Having an entire library jammed onto one device just seemed selfish. E-readers had no personality. They felt hollow. They weren’t for lovers of books; they were for tourists. Trendy techies who wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey without having to carry the book around with them. The whole thing made me sick.

And then I had my first kid (well…my wife had the kid, but I helped in the production part). In less than six months my son, Owen, owned more books than I did. I love reading to my son so I was happy to encourage the grandparents (who insisted on buying him shit as often as possible) in their book-buying frenzy. Then my daughter, Denna, came along. She’s already working on her own library and she’s only a month old.

If you want to fill any extra space in your home, just have a kid.

The truth finally hit me. I couldn’t keep accumulating books. My bookshelf was full. The sacrifice had to be made. My wife bought me an Amazon Kindle for my birthday, but I refused to use it. This past Christmas was the first Christmas I didn’t receive a single book from Santa. Now I’m currently reading my last real book. I have nothing left to read. After I’m finished with my Vonnegut, I’m going to be reading my next book on my e-reader.

Yes, I sold out.

But I got kids, man. The space issue trumps the book purist in me. So it goes…

I’ve lost the faith.


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on February 11, 2015.

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