The Streak: FOUR YEARS!


So, yeah, June 1, 2014 marked the fourth year of THE STREAK! For those of you who weren’t here at the beginning, THE STREAK marks the number of consecutive days I’ve written for at least one hour. I started keeping track of my writing hours on June 1, 2010 since I was starting my Creative Writing MA program, and I wanted to take my writing more seriously. Since then, I have written every single day for 1,463 days. I’ve accumulated over 4000 writing hours (while maintaining a full-time job, a full-time marriage, raising a tiny human being, and juggling several extramarital affairs…just kidding about that last one, wifey).

When I started this whole thing I had just read the book 10,000 Hours which basically hypothesized that in order to be good at something you have to do it for more than 10,000 hours. The book uses famous people like Bill Gates and The Beatles as evidence. My goal was to be a half-decent writer so I figured if I hit 5000 hours that should do it. THE STREAK kind of came about by accident as I was trying to accumulate my hours as quickly as possible. If you’re wondering, I should hit the 5000-hour mark  sometime next summer so I should be a half-decent writer by then.

I know some people are strong opponents of the “You must write every single day!” rule but the truth is that those people are pussies who can’t cut the mustard! That’s right! There’s mustard that you can’t cut! How does that make you feel? Not being able to cut mustard when it’s a substance that is so easily cut? You disagree? Then prove me wrong! Start your own streak. Race me to 10,000 writing hours. I’m game. I’m four years strong, baby!

Honestly, I don’t care what you do. I just know that the workhorse approach is what has always worked for me. I’m a much better writer on day #1463 than I was on day #1. When I started THE STREAK I had zero writing credits to my name, zero stories published, and I had written one novel (that I wrote in one summer when I was 17…and it sucked). Now I have an MA in Creative Writing, I’ve had 12 short stories published (Some I even got PAID to write!), and I’ve written four screenplays and three novels (which suck far less than that first one). Really after four years writing has just become part of my daily routine, and I guess that was my goal all along. Was it easy? HELL NO! It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done (Admittedly, I have not had a very hard life).

Maybe I’ll write a tutorial on how to write every single day. It’s way harder than you think. I had to write on the day my son was born while I held my wife’s leg in one hand and doodled in my journal with the other. That’s not even a joke. The doctor seriously made me hold my wife’s leg while she was squeezing out our kid. It was horrible. My wife complains about that day often, but I think sometimes she forgets what I had to go through…

So, yes, a tutorial it shall be. That should be good for an hour or two…


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on June 3, 2014.

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