Review: Noise by Darin Bradley


I’m into my latest revision of my dystopian satire, Dystopia, so I’m back to reading in the genre. If you remember, this is my novel about Jonathan Savage, an ordinary guy who survives an assassination attempt and accidentally travels to the future where his future self is the genocidal president of the United States in a world where Walmart controls everything…oh, and the future President Savage is the one who sent back the assassin to eliminate his younger self.

Yeah, it’s involved.

I stumbled upon a dystopian novel called Noise by Darin Bradley. The thing that makes this book unique is that it’s a dystopian novel that takes place DURING the collapse of society instead of after. It’s about two young men, Hiram and Levi, who have been preparing for the collapse since they first discovered secret survival instructions hidden in the old analog TV airwaves, gathering resources and putting together their Group in preparation for the relocation to their “Place,” a pre-prepared sanctuary where they will rebuild society. Basically things are going to shit and these two guys have the jump on making it out alive.

The writing is superb and the violence raw and in-your-face. By the cover and the length I suspected the novel might be aimed toward the YA crowd. Umm…that’s a big no. I’m not sure who the target audience is. The good guys are far from good. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a novel with less sympathetic protagonists (which may turn readers off right away). These are survivalists, plain and simple. They don’t hesitate to steal, threaten, or murder to get what they need. They do what they must to survive and reinforce their recruits’ immoral acts with the reinforcing phrase, “What you did was right.”

The most interesting part of the novel, however, is the book within a book. Each chapter ends with a section from Harim and Levi’s survival guide outlining procedures for preparing for, surviving, and thriving during the Collapse. If you’re in need of a guide for surviving the Apocalypse, this novel stands as a great starting point.

The plot is pretty sketchy. The first half is way too slow and the back half is too fast and the whole thing is too short. And then the boys break half their own rules during the Collapse and take unnecessary and stupid risks. Still, it’s unique enough to earn a look, especially if you’re into the whole dystopian genre.

And if you read it, then I could say to you, “What you did…was right.”


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on February 27, 2014.

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