The Hitman on Opening Line


My latest short story, The Hitman, was published in the “Destiny” issue of The Opening Line.

The Opening Line is a newer literary magazine, but the layout of the mag is very well done. The Hitman was the first ten-minute screenplay I ever wrote (still think it would make an amazing short), for my MA class at Wilkes. The concept made it a fun story to write and allowed me to explore some existential arguments…which I do love.

In The Hitman, a mob assassin is assigned a hit and ordered to record the target begging for his life. Unfortunately, when he arrives he discovers his target is suicidal and wants to die…making it difficult to meet the objectives of his employer. The Hitman must than attempt to convince the target on the merits of living (so he can kill him) while the target counters with arguments on why he deserves to die. The whole thing leads to an absurd discussion about free will vs. determinism (hence the inclusion in the “Destiny” issue) and ends with several bodies on the hotel room floor.

It’s one of my typical dark absurdist pieces and probably one of my favorite published stories to date. Check it out at


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on February 18, 2014.

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