A Good News Kind of Year


Trumpets blare!!!

So far 2013 has been a good news kind of year. Yesterday I found out that my short story, A Flame Extinguished, will appear on Fiction365 sometime in April (I’ll let you know when I have an exact date). This is another depressing outing about a middle-aged married man who is hit on by a much younger girl at a bar. The bizarre incident forces him to reminisce about his younger days when he didn’t have a family and his only goal was to get laid. He begins to question if that flame, that desire and passion for the opposite sex and for life, has been extinguished for good, snuffed out by the burdens of marriage and fatherhood and paying the mortgage and working at an unfulfilling job.

I certainly haven’t reached that point yet, but I did write the story as a reminder never to get there and to always remember that sex…is awesome.

I also had some young filmmakers show interest in a short script I wrote. Nothing is definite, but it would certainly be a dream fulfilled if something that I wrote made its way onto the screen. Ever since I wrote my first script, screenwriting has been my favorite kind of writing, but I certainly never thought it would amount to anything. Along with having a novel published, having a script turned into a film has always been a long-term goal of mine but one that I thought unlikely to ever occur. Maybe it’s not so unlikely…but, again, we’ll see.

Last month I also finished my latest revision of my absurdist political novel, Dystopia. It’s now in the very capable hands of my Creative Writing M.A. mentors who will be reading and critiquing it over the next month. In four months, I’ll be graduating from the Wilkes Creative Writing program with my M.A. and another chapter in my writing journey will be complete. I won’t be glad to leave the program, but I will be glad to stop paying for it.

So far, 2013 has been kind. We’ll see what else we can squeeze out of it.



~ by themoderntranscendentalist on February 10, 2013.

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