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So I haven’t posted yet in 2013 because I just finished a week of grad classes at Wilkes University. Back in 2010 I had to make a decision between going back to school to further my education credentials or bravely pursue a Masters program in Creative Writing. Since the education was really being forced upon me (I honestly would have never gone back to school if it was totally up to me) I figured I might as well study something I was interested in and passionate about. So I enrolled in the Wilkes University low-residency program which requires a week-long residency every January and June and then online workshops in between.

I will forever be grateful to myself for ignoring my first instinct and pursuing the Creative Writing Masters. I honestly didn’t learn jack about writing in my undergraduate studies at “Thou Shall Not be Named” College. In fact, without exaggerating, I learned exactly 0% about the business side of writing as an undergrad. The Wilkes program, however, has afforded me opportunities I never would have experienced anywhere else and provided me with a strong writing community when I feel so inclined to stumble into it. I’ve been able to work closely with published authors, meet literary agents and editors, and perform public readings of my work. By the time I finish the program in June, I’ll have two complete and polished novels ready to send out into the world. Whether the world will want them or not, that’s still unclear, but, seriously, c’mon! Just publish ’em. I’m awesome.

Nowhere else in the world besides Wilkes could I publicly read pieces with such titles as “Erection Detection” and “How NOT to get Laid” and actually be praised for doing so.



~ by themoderntranscendentalist on January 17, 2013.

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