The World Didn’t End, and, oh crap, the Internet’s Full



Well that was a disappointing Armageddon, wasn’t it?

Oh well. I guess I have to rush out and buy Christmas gifts now. I was banking on the end of the world getting me out of that one, but, alas, it let me down. Now I’m going to have to go shopping, and, since the world is going to continue to turn, I’m also going to have to keep writing, too, and I’ve got a great new idea for a short story.

This idea struck me when I was watching a Ken Burns documentary on The Dust Bowl (I obviously don’t have cable). If you remember back to your high school history class, back in the 1930s, the lush, fertile lands of the Midwest were transformed into a desert after farmers essentially overfarmed the land. Basically they assumed dirt was a limitless resource, and it turned out it ain’t.

So the hamster in my noggin started running on his little wheel and I realized we have a resource today that we assume is limitless and that we recklessly waste:

The Internet.

Hear me out: we all assume the Internet is limitless and capable of holding an infinite amount of data, but…what if we’re wrong? What if all our funny cat videos and tweets and Facebook posts about that burrito we ate last night that kind of tasted a little off are actually filling cyberspace like a common landfill? After all, history is full of examples of mankind assuming a certain resource is limitless and then discovering later that it totally isn’t. Examples include dirt, buffalo, trees, and oil and now…the Internet.

So that’s the story. It’s about the world after the Internet is full and how mankind reacts to once again screwing itself over due to its hubris and lack of respect for its resources.

It’s too bad about the world not ending. Then there would have been enough dirt and buffalo and trees and oil and Internet to last the few survivors the rest of our lives! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Humorous cat videos for all!


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on December 22, 2012.

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