The Waiting (And Sometimes Missing) Game

Anger and rage.

The most aggravating part about writing for publication has got to be all the waiting…and waiting…and waiting. There’s too much damn waiting involved. You spend weeks, sometimes months, writing a story, send it off to a publication and then wait for a response…

…and wait…

…and wait…

…and wait.

Meanwhile you’re writing and editing new stories and living life and that story you sent off becomes a distant memory. I’ve already completely forgotten about stories because I’ve been waiting to hear back from publishers for so long. And the WORST part is that usually you’re just waiting for a rejection.

Last week I experienced a new twist in the waiting game. I had a story accepted by The Eunoia Review months ago and was told it would be published “sometime at the end of August” expecting to be emailed about the actual date later on (which most publications have done for me in the past). So August came and went and I figured maybe the publishing schedule was behind, but I went on and checked anyway and…there it was.

I had missed the publication of my own story.

Can you imagine how depressing it is to take all the time to write a story, wait to hear back about whether or not it’ll be published, wait several months for it to be published, and then MISS its publication?

Once again, anger and rage.

Oh well. Let the waiting game begin again. If you’d like to read the story I waited to see published and then missed, check it out here:


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on September 11, 2012.

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