Building an Imperfect World

One of my favorite genres of literature is dystopian science-fiction. My latest novel, which I just finished the first draft of last week, is a tribute to some of my favorites incorporating elements of 1984 (which is about the future…ha!), Fahrenheit 451, A Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange (“A little bit of the ‘ole in-out, in-out”) and a dozen other dystopian books and movies.

Did I mention it’s a comedy?

The novel is best described as an absurdist dystopian political fable, and it is easily the best example of that genre ever written.

The main character is an average joe named Jonathan Protagenski (Protag) whose biggest complaint in life is that his wife is a bitch who seems hell-bent on making him look like a fool every opportunity she gets. After an assassin from the future attempts to fry his brain with a laser, Protag learns that he is the subject of a historical reality show watched by people from the future and his wife is actually a plant meant to make him miserable for the entertainment of viewers living in the year 2076. He is then accidentally whisked away to the future where he discovers that not only is his future self an important political figure but it’s  his future self who wants him dead!

Here are some elements of America 2076:

– America is now a Chinese province having failed to pay back its massive debt.

– The entire commercial and political world is controlled by Walmart, which is the only retailer and employer left operating in America.

– Time travel is possible but only used to mess with people in the past for entertainment purposes.

– The most popular technology is the iHand, which is basically a mobile commuting device sewn into a users hand. Traffic accidents are common.

– Due to stricter affirmative action laws and race quotas, most Caucasians are unemployed and live under bridges.

– The Kardashian family is as revered as most of America’s great presidents and are enshrined at the Lincoln/Kardashian monument.

As you can tell, America 2076 isn’t all that different from modern-day America.

I’m just starting with the first round of revisions now so it will be a while until Dystopia is ready for readers’ eyes.

After all, it takes time to build such an imperfect world.


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on August 8, 2012.

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