2K and Alice Finds a Home

Trumpets blare!

I’m celebrating two small victories today. I think it’s important for writers to celebrate small victories because those are usually the only kind you get.

The first victory is that over the weekend I cracked the 2K hour mark. What that means is that, since I started tracking my writing hours back on June 1, 2010, I’ve now written a grand total of 2004 hours. My goal is to reach 5000 hours within the next three years. The reason that is my goal is because of the well-known and totally scientific “10,000 rule.” The 10,000 rule states that if you want to master something, you have to do it for roughly 10,000 hours. It worked for Bill Gates, it worked for the Beatles, and, hell, why shouldn’t it work for Douglas James Troxell? The reason 5,000 hours is my goal is because I figure I’d be happy enough being a half-decent writer – so 5,000 hours will do.

Really it’s just a way to force myself to write. In honor of my psychotically goal-oriented father, I set weekly writing goals for myself and it helps to keep my fingers clicking away at the keyboard. I’m also less than a month away from THE STREAK reaching the two-year mark, the point where I’ve written every single day for two years straight, but, just by writing this sentence, I’ve jinxed myself. Who thought of jinxes anyways? That was a lame idea.

The other, less small victory, is that my story, Alice in Suburbia, has been accepted for publication. This is the story about a police officer who stumbles upon a young girl who thinks she’s Alice from Alice in Wonderland and tries to reconnect her with her family. I wrote this story for my sister, who thinks all my stories are sad and depressing (What is depressing about the end of the world?) In contrast, this story is light and fun and kind of sweet…so something different.

Look for Alice in Suburbia in The Eunoia Review in late August.


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on May 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “2K and Alice Finds a Home”

  1. I’m honored. Can’t wait to read it.

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