Post Conference Debriefing

ImageI haven’t had the opportunity to debrief after the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group Conference that took place two weeks ago in Allentown (I think maybe they should think about shortening the name for next year). Overall I was pretty pleased that I went. My goal was to attend at least one writer’s conference this year and considering this one was less than 20 minutes from my house there really was no excuse NOT to go. There were people there from as far as Montana and Texas and to those people I say…don’t you people have writers’ conferences in your own damn states? Geez!

I did learn a lot from the workshops, especially the ones run by James Scott Bell, the keynote speaker. He seemed to be the only person there who really knew what he was talking about. His workshop on revision was especially enlightening. I also had the first page of my manuscript critiqued by a panel of 12-year-old agents and met many interesting (and by interesting I mean strange) writer folks. I was pleased to meet up with one of my Wilkes copatriots as well. Thanks for participating in the bitch session, Cindy.

The big news was that I had an agent meeting with Marie Lamba of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency that went very well and even I was surprised when she asked for the full manuscript. I’ve had agents ask for sample chapters before but this was the first full manuscript I’ve sent off. So even if it turns out to be a pass, I’m happy to say I made it one step further in the publication process than ever before. I’m also happy to say that I chose to meet with the one agent there who didn’t appear to still be in diapers. On a side note, where were all the dude agents? Every agent there was female. It was a total tampon party (eww). This is just further evidence that the writing world loves chicks and hates dicks (a rant to come on that later).

Unfortunately, I have to report that I did not win the flash contest with The Urinal. I was shocked to find that there were stories present that were far whinier and much more pathetic than my tale of a female trying to piss in a urinal. To ensure my victory for next year, I’ve revised the story so that the woman is also black and mentally handicapped and the men harrassing her are white slave owners who unlawfully park in handicap parking spaces. I CAN’T LOSE!

See you next year GLVWGC…(too many damn letters!)


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on March 29, 2012.

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