A Wish Fulfilled

My short story, “A Wish Fulfilled,” was the featured story on Fiction365 on March 5th. This is a depressing story about a man’s thoughts during a fatal car accident concerning a wish he made on his 18th birthday to never grow old. Really it’s a story about how stupid teenagers are and how more fulfilling life is as an adult…even if it’s not as glamorous or fun.

I was surprised how strong of an impact this story made on me reading it on the website. I wrote the story over a year ago and now I’m preparing to be a father and enjoying all the responsibilities that adulthood has to offer so I relate much more with the protagonist than I did at the time I actually wrote the damn thing (although I wouldn’t have minded having a girlfriend like Jenna Von Eric back in high school).

It sounds odd to be surprised or moved by one’s own story. After all, I wrote it. But writing stories is more like being a teacher than being a parent. You work with the story and you nurture the story, but, when it’s ready, you send the story out into the world and move on to your next pupil. I’ve stumbled upon stories on my computer I have no recollection of writing. Once a story is finished and accepted for publication, I don’t think much of it until it’s finally published. I’m too busy with the rest of my delinquent pupils, trying to figure out how to best prepare them to be sent out into the world (and make pappa some cash!).

Anyways, I’ve received positive reviews for the story thus far and it’s worth reading if you’re looking for some insight into the painful transition of childhood to adulthood or if you just want to feel emo for a while. Check it out at fiction365.com (it’s the March 5th story).


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on March 6, 2012.

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