Writing Exploits

A writing associate recently asked me why I never write about what I’m currently writing about on my writing blog…which is a fair question. I guess I just never thought anyone besides myself would think it was that interesting. Anyways, here’s the latest…

The novel that I finished last year for my graduate program, Cheshire Moon, is currently being reviewed by an agent. Whether or not anything will come of it, I have no idea. This is the book about Doctor Ian Klein, a man who suffers from Humor Suppression Syndrome, a psychological disorder that prevents him from laughing. When he learns that his disorder is affecting not only his mental but his physical health, he has to learn to laugh in a world full of tragedy…or die trying. How about that for the back of a book jacket?

The reason I haven’t been updating my blogs more often is that I’m in the middle of a new novel called Dystopia. This one’s awesome. It’s a dystopian satire about a future world where the entire country is ruled by Walmart. Yes, it is just as funny as it sounds. I’ll be posting snippets as I progress.

On the short story front, I sold a story called A Wish Fulfilled to Fiction365 last month so that should be appearing on the site in the next few months. It’s a depressing story about a man’s thoughts in the milliseconds before he dies in a fatal car crash. My novels are usually pretty humorous but my short fiction is always utterly depressing. I wonder why that is? Anyways, I’ll make sure I post the date of the story’s unveiling as soon as I know.

I’m also simultaneously shopping four other short stories to various markets at the moment. These are stories I wrote last year and just sort of sat on until now. The best is a story called Feeling Lousy on a Beautiful November Night, an Amy Hempel-inspired piece which is actually fairly humorous…and yet quite depressing. That one will sell. The others I’m not so sure about.

So those are my literary exploits at the moment. The life of a struggling writer is not a glamorous one and it’s certainly not financially rewarding but at least…at least…I have no idea how to finish that sentence.


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on February 27, 2012.

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