The Writing Curse

Now that I’m starting to make some progress with my writing I decided to show up late to the blogging party that’s been going on for the past decade. Oh well. I always prefer to show up to parties late anyways because then you can check it out and if it’s lame, you can sneak out and go home and sleep.

I feel the need to justify my writing career since most people outside the writing community seem to consider writing to be on par with child pornography as a pastime (although writing does involve less clean-up). I’m not one of these uber-hippies who claims they have to write  like it’s a disease you can pick up from having unprotected sex with another writer. No, I don’t need to write. I simply choose to write. It’s how I’ve chosen to spend my spare time. For most of my life I wrote for my own pleasure and now I write with the intention of publishing my work and being paid miniscule amounts of money for the words that pour out of my head onto my computer screen.

Would my life be easier if I didn’t write? Of course it would! Any writer who tells you differently is a dirty liar who should be kicked in the shins many, many times. It’s time-consuming, isolating, and, worst of all, makes you sound like a total nerd. But what would I be doing if I didn’t write? Participating in community service? Exercising? Spending time with loved ones? When faced with the alternatives, writing seems like the lesser of all the evils so write I shall.

With great writing comes great responsibility…or something..


~ by themoderntranscendentalist on August 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Writing Curse”

  1. Like it. Even though you equate the sensation of a need to being infected with venereal disease. A drug addiction or maybe the need to apply herpes cream would have worked better. Just a suggestion from the shit-don’t-stinker.

    Funny as usual, Doug. i envy your comedic ability.

  2. And I envy your hair, Joe. Keep that blog rolling!

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